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Facility Development

Working closely for years with leading architects in the design of environments for children, Bright Horizons' Facility Design and Construction has been involved in the creation of more than 100 unique children's environments worldwide. Our extensive experience with the complex design, regulatory, and construction processes inherent in creating children's environments, assures a high-quality, cost-effective solution for your child care centre whether as advisors or project managers.

By establishing a team of preferred designers, construction managers, and operations advisors, Bright Horizons ensures that each facility meets our high standards for developmentally appropriate spaces for each age group and activity. Our standards have developed by working over twenty years with educators and specialists to develop a shared philosophy regarding early childhood environments, as well as understanding the intricacies of codes, regulations, and registration requirements.

You can draw upon the long-standing relationship between Bright Horizons and its preferred designers and suppliers in making your child care project a success. The following is an example of project development activities:

Getting Started

  • Identify children's environment character/quality design goals
  • Conduct benchmarking visits to existing centre(s)
  • Develop architectural programme
  • Locate sites and assess site feasibility
Conceptual Design
  • Create conceptual site planning (access, parking, play areas, orientation)
  • Develop conceptual functional space planning
  • Produce architectural building design concepts
  • Develop preliminary project budget
Schematic Design/Design Development
  • Develop schematic design and explore project potential
  • Identify unique design opportunities
  • Refine building and site design
  • Provide documentation of design intent
  • Investigate and incorporate local planning/building regulations, registration requirements
  • Revise Budget Estimate
  • Develop Project Timetable
Construction Documents
  • Develop and document building details
  • Verify safety and security elements
  • Implement cost-effective design solutions
  • Ensure accuracy and thoroughness
  • Prepare for project execution phase
  • Finalise project cost
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