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Employer-sponsored Child Care

Employer-sponsored child care generates a powerful return on investment. By providing care programmes that allow parents to get to work and perform to their full capacity, employers are not faced with the recurring costs of recruiting and retaining skilled employees. By driving down turnover, reducing absenteeism, and increasing productivity on the job, employers find that their dependant care and work/life programmes are not only an investment in their employees, but also an investment in their continued business success. The programmes also position sponsoring organisations as employers of choice in an increasingly competitive labour market.

Driving Down Staff Turnover

  • Among employees with children, 26 percent report they have considered leaving their employers due to child care issues. Ninety percent of these employees report that a work-site centre would affect their decision to stay.*
  • After the first year of employment, employee turnover is most likely to occur among parents of young children. Eighty-six percent of employees who do not plan to return to work after the birth or adoption of a child would return if work-site child care were available.*
  • Of employees with children in an employer-sponsored child care centre, 93 percent reported that child care was an important factor when considering a job change. Just under 20 percent had actually turned down a job offer rather than lose their child care.**

Reducing Absenteeism

  • Parents in employment have child care problems, on average, nine times a year, with 98% having to take time off as a result. ***
  • Child care issues account for 24% of absences, the 4th most common cause ****
  • Absence now costs companies between £500 and £600 per employee per year *****

Employer of Choice

  • Ninety-one percent of employees, including employees without children, feel that work-site child care would have a positive impact on the organisation for which they work.*
  • Eighty-two percent of respondents to our most recent parent survey reported that using the work-site child care centre had made them more positive in their commitment to remaining with their company

Investment Impact

A Bright Horizons’ Investment Impact Study of eight of our clients showed:
  • A nearly 50 percent reduction in voluntary turnover of employees who use their employer-sponsored child care centres. (Highly customised programmes saw a reduction of 80 percent in voluntary turnover.)
  • Child care centre users comprised a much higher percentage of the organisations’ top performers as compared to the general workforce population. In addition, the participating companies retained 97 percent of the top performers who used the child care centre.
  • The impact of these child care centres translated into an aggregate savings of $3.4/£1.7 million in replacement costs for these eight organisations.

To learn more about the benefits of employer-sponsored care, e-mail newbusiness@brighthorizons.com or call us on 01933 415971/59.

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*** (Employee Advisory Resource’s Employee Wellbeing Survey 2006)
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*****CBI / AXA Absence and Labour Turnover survey 2006/ CIPD Absence Management Survey 2005

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